Author, Speaker, Trainer

I have devoted my professional lifetime to helping the oil and gas industry cope with change.

A Highly Experienced Industry Professional

Over a career spanning 36 years, I have worked with some of the biggest names in oil and gas to create lasting value. From very large integrated oil companies, to downstream petroleum refiners and marketers, to field services. From drilling and completions services, to pipelines, to LNG projects, and many more.

Best-selling Author on Digital Innovation

I published my first book, ‘Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas‘, in 2019, to answer the who-what-when-where-why of digital on the oil and gas industry. This book is required reading at many oil and gas companies keen to get ahead of the wave of digital change.

I also contributed a chapter on the challenges of adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning systems in oil and gas for the book Machine Learning and Data Science in the Oil and Gas Industry: Best Practices, Tools and Case Studies, published in March 2021.

My latest book, entitled Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud: A Playbook for Digital Oil and Gas was published in March 2022.

I also write a top rated blog and podcast on digital oil and gas, available completely free, and focused on the digital topics facing the industry.

A Dynamic, Inspiring Speaker

I am a highly accomplished, inspiring and dynamic professional speaker, with a series of highly tailored and specific keynotes exclusively for the oil and gas industry. I have addressed audiences ranging from Boards of Directors up to huge conferences.

My  appearances page provides an indication of the many speaking engagements, panel discussions and key note addresses that I have delivered in the recent past.

Creator of Digitally Ready Talent

If I wasn’t born as a consultant, then I probably was born as a teacher. Over the years, I served as one of Deloitte’s global instructors, leading course delivery in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Spain. My training courses include a one-day digital awareness event based on my books.

It is clear that companies in oil and gas, ranging from producers and refiners to their key suppliers, will not be able to hire the digital skills required either quickly enough, or in sufficient volume, to meet the pressure to adopt digital innovations. All jobs in the industry will be impacted, and replacing everyone with a digital native is neither practical nor realistic. Training the existing team is actually the answer.

Specific areas of depth include:
  • In-class training and instruction
  • Case-study and simulations of digital strategy development
  • On-shore, unconventional, LNG, oil sands
  • Definition of digital skills and talent needs
  • Technology implementation and deployment
  • Oil and gas industry specifics (upstream, midstream, downstream, services)
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