Corporate Training

Creating Digitally Aware Talent

The greatest and lowest cost opportunity oil and gas companies can capture is to equip their people with a common base of understanding of digital. With a common base of definitions, terminology, and frameworks, organizations can accelerate digital adoption, reduce resistance to change, and innovate beyond the boundaries of commercial technologies.

I offer two training courses to help overcome this knowledge gap, leveraging my books, ‘Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas’ and ‘Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud: A Playbook for Digital Oil and Gas‘.

Digital Strategy for Oil and Gas

a 1.5 day digital awareness training program specific to the oil and gas industry.

Live In Person or Virtual

Suitable for Boards, management, and digital delivery teams, this course addresses a broad range of the oil and gas industry and the nature of digital innovations that are most important. The course includes key management topics like the nature of digital impacts and timing, risks that must be managed, the business case for change, the role of new methods like agile in driving success, organizing a digital team, the impacts on people, and how to set roadmaps.

The course is laid out around a fictitious technology company that sells a traditional but valuable solution to the oil and gas industry. The company and its products are not very digital, and the company is under competitive threat to its market. Attendees are presented the basic concepts of digital technology, and learn to apply it to the case company.

Your actual company can be substituted for the fictitious company to make the course highly personalized to your situation.

Download the details of the corporate offering.


7.5 hours of lectures and quizzes available on the Udemy on-line learning platform. 

Perfect for the individual learner, this self-paced course also covers terminology, key technologies, and critical management topics and in more depth than the in-classroom experience. It works on desktops and mobile devices and various browsers.

Watch the preview to learn more about it! Available exclusively on Udemy.

Digital Awareness for the Front Line Worker in Oil and Gas

a free 45 minute video training course for the front line worker in the oil and gas industry.

On line only

Suitable for front line workers in oil and gas, from upstream to downstream, this course brings digital to life for the front line. The course includes terminology, how digital innovations are implemented, the role of the front line worker in digital adoption, the myths and the truths about digital change.

The course is just 45 minutes of video lectures punctuated with some quizzes and examples, available through any browser on any device anywhere, any time, for anyone.