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Rethinking Our Relationship With Our Data

Humanity is data without AI


As we become ever more dependent on thinking machines and AI tools that are virtually indistinguishable from humans, we need to reimagine our relationship with data or consign ourselves to a world of hallucinating chaotic machines. 

  • The power of the new thinking machines
  • Data without context is less than useless
  • Data should not be more valuable than crude oil
  • How data challenges crude oil for value
  • How our relationship needs to change
  • The prize at stake (hint: think trillions)
  • The journey to change

Timing: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Oil and gas business and technical professionals
  • Management teams
  • Engineering
  • Upstream, midstream, downstream

Bits, Bytes, and Barrels

The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas

A dynamic briefing about Geoffrey’s book, Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas. Suitable for inspiring oil and gas professionals to embrace digital energy.

  • Understanding the business case for digital transformation
  • Learning the terminology of digital
  • A framework for approaching digital
  • The most important digital technologies for oil and gas
  • Fuse and Bang: the timing and impacts of digital
  • Digital’s impacts on the value chain
  • Reviewing the key implementation challenges

Timing: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Oil and gas technical professionals
  • Boards of Directors
  • Management teams
  • Engineering
  • Upstream, midstream, downstream

Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud

A Playbook for Digital Oil and Gas

The debate about whether digital innovations are material to the energy industry is now well and truly over. Capital markets increasingly demand meaningful action on energy transition, and the pandemic has forced the oil and gas industry to invent new ways of working with lightening speed. A small set of key technologies, such as the internet of things, machine learning, and cloud computing, are finding critical favor, and as they evolve, old ideas about the industry and habitual ways to carry out business are falling away. New business models are emerging with unanticipated consequences.

But the biggest change of all is actually about people, and how best to help the workforce embrace transformed work practices at speed. Leaders in the industry are accelerating their ability to implement new digital capabilities and fully capture their impacts. 

Key take aways for those attending this important and groundbreaking discussion:

  • The capital challenge – money and talent – that energy must confront to succeed
  • The one solution that unlocks cost, productivity, emissions, and capital, and where to find it
  • The new business models, from carbon to capital, that show the way forward
  • The seven stages of digital adoption, and actions to help people through the stages
  • The playbook for change agents
  • The playbook for and business leaders 

Timing: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Digital leaders
  • Change and deployment teams
  • Technology companies
  • Management teams
  • Leadership teams
  • Upstream, midstream, downstream


The New Engine of Trust

This keynote address presents blockchain technology and its dramatic impact on oil and gas. Use cases are already emerging, in drilling, hydraulic stimulation, royalties and trading, and many more blockchain enabled innovations are poised to come to market in the next few years.

  • What is blockchain technology?
  • Understanding the critical unknowns about blockchain
  • Applying blockchain in oil and gas, and in related sectors
  • Identifying when blockchain could be applicable
  • The ATOMIC framework by William Mougayar
  • Evaluating blockchain’s potential
  • Launching a blockchain project

Timing: 45 minutes

Audience Profile

  • Oil and gas technical professionals
  • IT, OT and digital teams
  • Service companies
  • Regulators
  • Trade associations
  • Management teams
  • Upstream, midstream, downstream