Keynotes, Panels, Lectures

I am widely sought after to provide keynote addresses, participate as a panelist or conference speaker, or deliver a lecture or presentation to various audiences. My background as a podcaster and writer have made me uniquely skilled as  a panel chair. Depending on the occasion, I leverage one of my recurring presentations, or prepare something highly specific.

Bits, Bytes, and Barrels

This presentation is a management briefing about my book, entitled ‘Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas’. The book sets out to answer a number of key questions about digital innovation and their impacts on this important and global industry. What is “digital”? What will be the impacts of digital on the different segments of the oil and gas value chain? When will digital impacts be felt? What digital technologies matter most? How should managers and executives prepare for digital change? It is suited to oil and gas businesses regardless of the segment within which they operate, and to technology companies that sell to the oil and gas industry.

Future of Work

The world of work is in transition. Digital innovations such as robotic process automation, blockchain and artificial intelligence are starting to be play roles in fields of employment once believed to be the exclusive domain of highly educated human workers. Oil and gas concerns will need to invest in digital talent.

Automation, machine learning and the internet of things will transform the work of field and service technicians across the oil and gas value chain. Bots will displace many repetitious jobs, beginning in finance but advancing in all directions. Change will happen at a much faster clock-speed, with a priority on agile methods of working. Oil and gas will need to be more nimble, able to manage new risks while protecting high safety standards.

New skills, aptitudes and competencies will be required for the next generation of workers. This presentation sets out how the world of work is changing, what skills will be required in the future, and how today’s workers and educational institutions can prepare for the workforces of the future.

Blockchain for Oil and Gas

Distributed ledger technology, or blockchain, will have a dramatic and transformative impact on the oil and gas industry. Use cases are already emerging, in drilling, hydraulic stimulation, royalties and trading, and many more blockchain enabled innovations are poised to come to market in the next few years.

This presentation sets out in clear and simple language what blockchain technology is, how it works, and where it can be deployed in oil and gas processes that deal with assets, trust, ownership, money, identity and contracts (ATOMIC).

Change is Easy. Except for the People.

The wave of digitally-driven change coming at the oil and gas industry is novel in the kinds of work it will impact, the job roles it will disrupt, and the skills it will require to execute those jobs. The last major wave of highly disruptive change that had similar wide-spread effects was in the late 1990s with the adoption of ERP solutions like SAP. Managers and leaders need a refresher on how to think about change management, and key tactics to use for a successful change program.

This presentation sets out the case for a renewed emphasis on change management, how digitally driven changes are novel, the three business motivators and their parallel hot human emotions, and three tactics to apply in addressing change management.