i help people in energy embrace digital innovations

I lower the resistance to change, and speed up the time to value

My mission is to accelerate digital Innovations in energy. 

You are dependent on your existing workforce for energy operations.

You want to get ahead of climate change, capital constraints, and talent shortages. 

Digital innovations promise time, cost, and productivity gains.


BUT … You need your workforce to embrace digital changes faster than ever.

I can help.

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I help you and your people navigate a rapidly changing energy environment

The technologies  — the internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robots, cloud computing — impact everything!

Profound changes are coming to you, your company, and your industry. Your entire workforce is affected.

Today’s choices become tomorrow’s victories and defeats. 







a Highly Experienced Industry Professional

I have devoted a professional lifetime to helping the oil and gas industry cope with change.

Hundreds of consulting projects over 36 years.

Serving the biggest names in oil and gas — Exxon, Shell, Suncor, Enbridge, TC Energy

Exploration, production, oil sands, pipelines, LNG projects, refineries, retailers, finance, IT, operations

Inspiring and Dynamic professional Speaker

Accomplished, inspiring and dynamic professional speaker

Highly specific keynotes exclusively for the oil and gas industry.

Audiences large and small, conferences to dinner events, live and virtual.

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2-times international Author

Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas defines the business case for digital on the oil and gas industry. 

Required reading at many oil and gas companies.

In translation for the China market. 

Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud: A Playbook for Digital Oil and Gas reveals the leading practices for accelerating digital adoption. 

Case studies from nine companies across the entire oil and gas value chain.

In translation for the China market. 

Course Creator and Trainer

30 years as consultant and trainer with Deloitte.

Producer of training courses  based on my successful books.

The energy industry will be unable to hire the digital skills required quickly enough, or in sufficient volume.

All jobs in the industry will be impacted.

Replacing everyone with a digital native is neither practical nor realistic.

Training the existing team is actually the answer.

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Fantastic course… well structured… very insightful

PWC Middle East

Very compelling … delivery with tech was superb.


Great job… interesting and insightful … awaiting next book!

Krys Korczewski

Thought-provoking … very worthwhile … very good speaker