Accelerating Digital Transformation

The oil and gas sector (including producers, refiners, retailers, field services, regulators, and suppliers), is undergoing a major transition as it struggles to embrace digital innovation.

The last major technology shift in the industry took place at the turn of the century with the mass migration to enterprise resource systems such as SAP.

Today, the industry is again competing for scarce resources capable of helping with the digital transition, acerbated by the challenge that digital technologies are democratic, inexpensive, and applicable to virtually all industries.

Technologies like the internet of things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robots, cloud computing and gamification are becoming mainstream in oil and gas, and in many other industries.  These digital technologies are driving a profound wave of change and transformation across the industry, from upstream to downstream, finance to operations.

Digital is one of the few tools that allows whole industries to address cost, productivity, and sustainability challenges simultaneously.

The key shortage in oil and gas is one of talent. There is simply not enough digital leadership or digital execution skills available to satisfy all the demand. You will not be able to hire the skills required either quickly enough, or in sufficient volume to fill your digital agenda. You will need to equip your existing talent with the skills they need to be successful.

Author, Speaker, Trainer

Geoffrey’s mission is to accelerate digital energy. He helps solve for the demand-supply imbalance for digital innovation in oil and gas where there is a shortage of demand for innovation but ample available supply.

Geoffrey helps create demand for digital innovation teaching digital awareness to oil and gas companies. He reveals the way to be more capable at adopting digital innovations. Geoffrey enhances the supply of innovation by helping digital innovations better fit the needs of the industry.

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A Highly Experienced Industry Professional

Geoffrey Cann has devoted a lifetime to helping the oil and gas industry cope with change.

Through hundreds of projects over a career spanning 36 years, he has worked with some of the biggest names in oil and gas to create lasting value. From very large integrated oil companies, to downstream petroleum refiners and marketers, to field services. From drilling and completions services, to pipelines, to LNG projects, and many more.

From artificial intelligence to blockchain, Geoffrey has firsthand in-depth experience helping oil and gas companies build roadmaps for digital transformation. His work has included virtually all segments of the oil and gas value chain, including exploration, production, refining, wholesaling, retailing, services, finance and IT.

Best-selling Author on Digital Innovation

Geoffrey published his first book, ‘Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas‘, in 2019, to answer the who-what-when-where-why of digital on the oil and gas industry. His book is required reading at many oil and gas companies keen to get ahead of the wave of digital change.

He contributed the chapter on the challenges of adopting digitally enabled solutions in the book Machine Learning and Data Science in the Oil and Gas Industry: Best Practices, Tools, and Case Studies, which was published in March of 2021.

His latest book, Carbon, Capital, and the Cloud: A Playbook for Digital Oil and Gas, was released in March 2022. It sets out the leading practices for accelerating the adoption of digital innovations, with case studies from nine companies across the entire oil and gas value chain.

He also publishes the #1 ranked blog and podcast on digital oil and gas, available completely free, and focused on the digital topics facing the industry.

A Dynamic, Inspiring Speaker

Geoffrey is a highly accomplished, inspiring and dynamic professional speaker, with a series of highly tailored and specific keynotes exclusively for the oil and gas industry. He has addressed audiences ranging from Boards of Directors up to huge conferences.

Geoffrey’s Appearances page provides an indication of the many speaking engagements, panel discussions and key note addresses that he has delivered in the recent past.

Creator of Digitally Ready Talent

Geoffrey is a born teacher, a global instructor, leading course delivery in Canada, the US, Hong Kong, and Spain. His training courses include a one-day digital awareness event based on his successful book.

It is clear that companies in oil and gas, ranging from producers and refiners to their key suppliers, will not be able to hire the digital skills required either quickly enough, or in sufficient volume, to meet the pressure to adopt digital innovations. All jobs in the industry will be impacted, and replacing everyone with a digital native is neither practical nor realistic. Training the existing team is actually the answer.

Specific areas of depth include:
  • In-class training and instruction
  • Case-study and simulations of digital strategy development
  • On-shore, unconventional, LNG, oil sands
  • Definition of digital skills and talent needs
  • Technology implementation and deployment
  • Oil and gas industry specifics (upstream, midstream, downstream, services)