Upcoming Events

Metegrity 18th User Conference
March 4-6, 2019 – Las Vegas

Metegrity is a leading solution provider for asset management to owners of plants, pipelines and facilities. Their 18th annual customer event will take place in Las Vegas. I will be the keynote speaker leading off with a presentation about my new book, Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas.

Past Events

ASUG and SAP Oil and Gas Summit
November 13, 2018 – Bankers Hall Auditorium

SAP is holding one of its frequent educational summits on their technology platform and how it enables the intelligent energy company of the future. I will be the keynote speaker kicking off the day with a presentation called Long Fuse Big Bang – the impacts of digital innovation on the industry.

Osprey Informatics Webinar
November 14, 2018 – an on-line event!

Osprey Informatics is a market leader in visual analytics — a class of artificial intelligence that provides virtual intelligent “eyes-on” capabilities for tough and demanding environments. I will be the first speaker in this webinar to set the stage for how visual analytics creates outsized value for oil and gas.

ARC Financial
October 23, 2018 – Calgary Petroleum Club

ARC Financial is holding an Oil and Gas executive briefing on the state of the oil and gas industry. I will be presenting on the impacts of digital innovation and the opportunity and imperative for investment.

Aucerna UP Conference
October 9, 2018 – Calgary Petroleum Club

Aucerna (formerly 3esi-Enersight and ) is holding their annual UP Conference to discuss the digital transformation of the energy industry. I will be presenting on the impacts of digital on the oil and gas industry.

September 27, 2018 – Calgary Petroleum Club

The Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) is organising a one-day conference on the impact of #digital on #oil and #gas. I will be chairing a panel discussion on the topic.

Pipeline Innovation Mixer
September 25, 2018 – The Edison, 150-9 Ave SW Calgary

ZEEL, Intelliview, Vintri and LuxModus are organising a Pipeline Innovation Mixer, with Joy Romero as the lead speaker. Joy is the VP Technology and Innovation at Canadian Natural Resources. I’ll be following Joy with a talk about  digital innovation in pipelines.

EVOK Innovations CEO Summit
September 24, 2018 – The Bow, 500 Centre St S Calgary

EVOK Innovations is holding a CEO Summit to present innovations in clean resource technology. I’m a guest speaker at this event where I’ll be addressing digital’s impacts on oil and gas.

Finance and Accounting Professionals Alliance (FAPA)
September 23, 2018 – 850 2 St SW Calgary

The Prairies Chapter of Finance and Accounting Professionals Alliance (FAPA) and Ismaili Business Professional Alliances (IBPA) is holding a seminar to explore the concepts behind #blockchain technology and its application. I’m the guest speaker at this event.

CEPA Foundation
September 18, 19, 2018 – Fairmont Banff Springs

The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Foundation is holding its Fall Conference. I will be speaking on the impact of #digital on #oil and #gas, with emphasis on the impacts on the pipeline sector.

August 20, 2018 – Banff Conference Center

At the IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, I’ll be speaking on the role and opportunity for #blockchain in the #oil and #gas industry.  The #conference is August 20 – 24, 2018 in Banff.  Industry Day is August 20.

Alliance Pipeline
June 20, 2018 – Hotel Arts, Calgary

New technology such as block chain, internet of things and artificial intelligence are making their way into the business world, and more prominently, into the supply chain and logistics industry. What are these new technologies and can we understand them further? I am part of a panel discussion on the Digital Reinvention of the Oil and Gas Supply Chain, hosted by the Canadian Centre for Advanced Supply Chain Management and Logistics (CASL).

I’ll be addressing the role of digital in the construction supply chain for new oil and gas infrastructure.

International Energy Credit Association Annual Canadian Conference
June 11, 2018

At the IECA Annual Canadian Conference, I will be delivering a presentation on Emerging Energy Technology, and its impact on the commercial and operational activities of the energy industry. For this presentation, I’ll be joined on stage by Google Home, my occasional artificial intelligence sidekick who provides content, answers questions and tells jokes, all to prove a point – that digital technology is here to stay.

Finance Leadership Forum
June 7, 2018 – Deloitte offices, Calgary

Finance leaders from across the business community will be discussing three topics – robotic process automation, blockchain and disclosure automation. Hosted by Carlee Panylyk, this form will consist of a circuit of three concurrent sessions, with the attendees rotating through the circuit stations. I will be providing a deep dive look into blockchain or distributed ledger technology, how it works, and how it will transform business processes.

Invitation Only