Advisory Services

Digital transformation is now an imperative regardless of what segment of the oil and gas industry you occupy, from upstream to downstream, from refinery to gasoline station.  To succeed with digital, you need a solid digital roadmap for your oil and gas business, which sets out the steps to take to embed digital in your business.
Oil and gas digital transformation initiatives require considerable planning and foresight, particularly in this industry, with its unspoken rules and assumptions. Direct experience with building digital transformation business plans in oil and gas really matter. Experience and expertise will help you accelerate time to value, improve the quality and acceptability of your digital plans, and reduce risks of failure.
Technology companies often struggle to communicate and work with cautious oil and gas firms. Digital transformation requires new technology, but tech startups and oil companies work at different clock-speeds. Industry leaders employ the talent they need to bridge the gap between digital and oil and gas, and build the right digital portfolio for the future.
I offer a range of advisory services to Boards and Management teams of technology and oil and gas companies on the impacts of digital on the energy industry. My advice is independent, unbiased and practical – valuable to technology companies interested in offering solutions to the energy industry, and to oil and gas companies interested in digital technologies.

Digital Services for Oil and Gas Companies

  • Digital strategy development
  • Digital technology training and orientation
  • Briefings on digital technology advances
  • Digital transformation planning reviews
  • Organising for digital transformation
  • Blockchain education and opportunity assessment

Digital Services for Technology Companies

  • Industry training and orientation
  • Briefings on industry developments and opportunities
  • Technology reviews
  • Pitch tuning