Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Joyeux Noel

Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Joyeux Noel

Thank you for subscribing to Digital Oil and Gas this year. It’s been a fun journey thus far, I hope you are finding the articles and insights of value. Are you curious about where we are heading in 2017?

It’s helpful to review where we are at the end of 8 weeks, and to acknowledge the efforts of the team behind this project:

  • The artwork is mostly mine, although occasionally another hand will appear.
  • The photos are from my collection of oil and gas infrastructure. Yes, that’s how I spend some of my vacation time.
  • The logo is courtesy of the creative talents of Dominka Warchol Hann.
  • The reader on the podcast (so far) is me, and the fine BBC radio tones at the sign off are from Charles Aram.
  • Matt Smith provided the jingle for which I am most grateful as I have no musical talent whatsoever.
  • The contributors are specialists in their fields, and take great pride in researching, writing and editing the stories.

The blog is growing nicely and developing its followership.

  • So far we have attracted 330 subscribers (and thank you for your interest).
  • The blogsite has been visited 1500 times since launch on October 21, from 47 different countries.
  • Page views grew by 400% from October to November, and will top  3000 in total by year end.
  • The most popular article so far has been “uber for field services” with 550 views, followed by “5 clever technologies” with 315.
  • On average each article is read by a thousand people, assuming that the articles are circulated following typical blog patterns.
  • The most popular distribution channel by far is LinkedIn, where each post generally receives several hundred views, and 20+ likes and shares (thank you all for pressing the thumbs up button). Next is Twitter and finally Facebook.

And where to from here?

  • The podcasts will be on iTunes in February so you can easily subscribe to them.
  • The twitter account – @digitaloilgas – will become more active, for those of you who like that channel.
  • We will begin to publish a newsletter for the most important and newsworthy developments in digital that have a bearing on oil and gas. The newsletter will be curated content from a variety of sources.
  • There are a number of blogs in the pipeline (no pun intended), on how the ERP vendors are adapting for a digital world, predictions for 2017, collaboration, and innovation in the industry.

Finally, Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings to all, and we wish you all the success possible for 2017!

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