Happy Holidays 2021!

Christmas ornament on a pine bow

Happy Holidays 2021!

Wake up Christmas morning to the very best gifts I could possibly give you this year! Happy holidays to all!

My best ever Christmas was the time I gave my spouse a present for every month of the year. I can’t remember at all what was on the list, but I’m pretty sure that January was lip gloss for the cold Calgary winter. She thought I was just being cheap since January is also as cold as diamonds.

It’s proving to be a lot harder to deliver that kind of creativity these days because supply chains are busted, and I’m afraid to spend too much time browsing retail shelves to get ideas. Heck, the local drugstore was out of toothpaste this week. So much for February (Valentine’s Day calls out for fresh breath). I’ve been thinking about all of you this year, and here’s my list of things that, if I could, I’d leave under the tree for you.

  1. A swift end to this ridiculous pandemic and all it has wrought. I included it on last year’s list and, damn it, it’s still here!
  2. A metaverse named after you, where all the world’s major brands would need to purchase real estate from your trust which is based conveniently in Panama.
  3. A crypto wallet for you, ginned up with 10 coins of a crypto currency of extraordinary value.
  4. An NFT representing your very own barrel of oil, to be produced sometime in 2024. Who knows, perhaps oil markets will be in contango then.
  5. Your very own personal digital twin that will stand in for you on any one day this coming year. Want to avoid that horrible year end review meeting? Dispatch the digital you.
  6.  No weird weather. We had enough weirdness in 2021 to last a lifetime.
  7. A trip to Bali for a month, with no questions asked. Bali normally welcomes 6 million visitors a year. 2021 saw just 45. Imagine the beach to yourself.
  8. An app that predicts which invites to meetings you should accept and which ones you should ignore. Frankly, we can all use fewer meetings, but which ones are a waste of time?
  9. A video of you looking thoughtful and attentive that you can play when you don’t want to be on that Zoom call…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’ll return in early January 2022.

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